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Sitting above the dead tree’s in the crystal blue water.. By jayalvarrez
"They laugh until laughing makes them kiss.
They kiss until kissing makes them laugh."
Sarah Ruhl (The Clean House)  (via blonde-buddha)

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Extending the Shark Cull to Three Years?
The Western Australian government has until the end of April to pump lead into as many big sharks as the drum lines can fathom. But they aren’t done just yet. Instead, they’re gunning for a three-year license to cull. If it gets approved, you really don’t want to be a shark in Western Australia’s waters between November 15-April 30 of each year. But if you must, we suggest you don’t take the bait.
The fact of the matter is that this cull — or any similar morbid experiment — has absolutely no evidence to support its effectiveness. The drum lines kill more sharks than the targeted demographic and we’re essentially playing jenga with a too-fragile marine ecosystem here. We, as surfers, willingly put ourselves at risk each and every time we go in the ocean. Go pick up a golf club if you can’t hang. Because, after all, good surfing is founded on risk.
Text by Brendan Buckley, photo by Corey Wilson
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Treasure Planet, 2001
Disney Animation Studios